We have been away from here for too long and want to update everyone with what is happening on the trail.

This past fall, MDOT sprayed the Wayne County section to kill phragmytes. It will be great when that destructive grass is finally eradicated.

In a November meeting with MDOT this week, we received an updated status of the 7 mile extension of the trail south of I-94. Bids went out for the job with construction to begin in early spring of 2015. Constructing the 7 miles of trail will take until December of 2015. In 2016 there might be some landscaping that needs to be done, but the trail will be open for use during that time. We had a year delay, but MDOT did not give up on our trail and we will see this last 7 miles constructed. This extension will connect to the metro parks to give additional connectivity to and from the downriver communities.
What happens to the trail south of this 7 mile extension is part of the SEMCOG overall non-motorized plan. SEMCOG held public hearings throughout the summer for user input. Now we will have to wait for decisions as they work through the comments and suggestions. Thanks to everyone who contributed to these hearings. SEMCOG gathered valuable information.

MDOT did brush cutting from Hines Dr to I-94 for two weeks in January. The work they did will greatly enhance the trail this summer.

We will be rolling out a new maintenance program for the trail in the very near future. We will be looking for individuals, groups, businesses, and municipalities to partner with the Friends group and MDOT on caring for the trail.

Novi completed a connector trail from 13 Mile to the northern start of the I-275 trail along Meadowbrook Rd. This is a welcomed addition to our trail system.


We have been notified by MDOT that the trail will be closed north of Van Born Rd from July 7 to July 28. MDOT will be working on the I-275 bridge over Van Born Rd trying to stop that constant wash out onto the trail. Van Born Rd itself will be closed from Haggerty Rd to Hannan Rd to all traffic. Please avoid the area and give the workers the time and space they need to get this repair done to help the trail. Hannan Rd is your best detour.

Adopt-a-Highway Trail Workdays

Mark your calendars. We are scheduling three workdays during the Adopt a Highway week so that MDOT will pick up the trash bags. Since the second weekend is Easter weekend we will not be scheduling any during that time.

– The first workday is Saturday, April 12. We will meet at the MDOT parking lot behind Denny’s on Ann Arbor Rd. Depending on how many volunteers we get, we may be able to split up from there and cover more trail. Meeting time is 9:30 am.

– The second workday is Tuesday, April 15. We will meet in northeast corner of the Meijer’s parking lot on the corner of Haggerty and 8 MI at 6 pm. Our focus will be north of 8 Mile, but once again, if we get enough people we can also work south of 8 Mi.

– The third workday is Thursday, April 17. We will be meeting in the parking lot in the southeast side of Michigan Ave and I-275. There is a little strip mall there. We will meet at 6 pm.

The focus of these workdays will be trash. MDOT supplies the trash bags and picks. You will probably want protection for your hands.

Hope to see you during Adopt a Highway week to help the trail.


At times it felt like the trail would never get out from under all that snow. Riding time is here!

While you are out on the trail, please look around and under wheel or foot for the conditions. We need to know if there are areas with a lot of trash around the trail or debris on the trail. We are going to start workdays in about a week. Message here if there is anything to report.

Hope everyone considers giving the trail a bit of your time this year. We need every hour of help we can get. If you know of or are involved with any organizations or groups that are looking for community service volunteer hours, we can help them meet those requirements. Just contact us via message here or at our email (I275MetroTrail(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Enjoy the trail.