Bicycle Advocacy Day

Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day
Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day

The League of Michigan Bicyclists, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, Michigan Mountain Biking Association and PEAC  join forces each May for the Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day at the State Capitol. Staff, board members, members and volunteers from all four organizations educate legislators on key policy issues that facilitate a bicycle-friendly Michigan. The event is open to all,

Whether you enjoy riding on Michigan roads, trails, or dirt single track, Advocacy Day is your opportunity to speak with one voice to help advance Michigan bicycling and the interests of cyclists of all abilities across the state.  You are also welcome to join us in communicating the great importance of bicycling to the Michigan Legislature. No prior experience is needed to participate in Advocacy Day.


Lucinda Means Advocacy Day Morning Overview
Lucinda Means Advocacy Day Morning Overview

Ten Reasons to Get Involved

  1.  It’s a great way to celebrate Bike Month. In fact, you’ll be there for our annual Bike Month proclamation from the Legislature.
  2.  You’ll help build on past successes, like Michigan’s Complete Streets law and our right turn signal victory, which both have roots in Advocacy Day.
  3.  It’s a great day to spend with friends united around a common passion – bicycling.
  4.  By being part of the democratic process, you’ll have a big impact on issues that affect the enjoyment of your sport and active lifestyle.
  5.  You’ll have the opportunity to ride Michigan’s “Main Street” (Michigan Ave.) to the Capitol and cruise the Capitol City by bike.
  6.  It’s not “us vs. them”…talking with lawmakers allows you to relate to them better and gives you a sense of the tough decisions they face everyday.
  7.  You’ll be the first to congratulate LMB’s  Award recipients at our lunch reception. (Oh, and lunch is always delicious too!)
  8.  It’s all about safety – Help us enact a safe passing distance law  and establish stiffer penalties for drivers who injure cyclists.
  9.  More places to ride – Help create new trail funding opportunities and protect current funding sources.
  10.  Better roads = better bicycling, it’s that simple! Legislators need to hear bicyclists’ perspective on why sustainable transportation funding is important.

About Lucinda Means

The late Lucinda Means was the executive director of the League of Michigan Bicyclists from 1997 to 2005.  She came to Michigan from California, where non-motorized transportation had already become integrated into the culture there, so she brought her perspectives and expertise on the activities and events that shaped that transformation.

She opened many doors and left no stone unturned when it came to inserting non-motorized transportation into both informal and formal discussions. Her steady relationship building with the Michigan Department of Transportation broke barriers in terms of being invited to the table usually reserved for motorized transportation.  Her nurture of a partnership between other statewide bicycling groups, namely Michigan Mountain Biking Association and Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance built an ongoing coalition for shaping and advocacy on non-motorized policy issues. Her outreach to local bicycling groups and clubs increased awareness of these issues  across the state and inspired advocacy which had never existed before her tenure.

What started as her voice in the wilderness resulted in a coordinated platform, giving rise to more respect and credibility surrounding non-motorized issues.  While her stay in Michigan was way too short, her impact still continues today.