Michigander 2020 Coronavirus Action Plan


While the Michigander Bicycle Tour has always addressed sanitation issues and met all health department requirements for food service, we want to share with you some additional, precautionary actions we’ll be taking:


We have always tried to encourage best health practices during meal service and SAG stops. We will strengthen that culture with the following:


  1. Riders will be prohibited from touching any water or food dispensers at all SAG stops.
  2. All volunteers will be wearing protective gloves at SAG stops and in food service areas.
  3. Only individually packaged foods will be provided at SAG stops OR a volunteer wearing protective gloves will serve non-prepackaged items like fruit.
  4. As always, the caterer will meet all guidelines of the local health department, including stringent sanitization measures.
  5. Prior to mealtimes, volunteers will sanitize the foodservice and dining area tables and chairs with a bleach solution.
  6. There will be one entrance to food lines and as riders enter, they will be required to use sanitizer.
  7. Once riders have chosen their food, they will be encouraged to leave the area and eat outdoors, reducing the number of people in one place at one time.
  8. Riders returning for more food or to return dishes will be required to use sanitizer again.
  9. Each table in the dining area will have bottles of disinfectant spray so riders can sanitize their seat and table area if desired.


We will take additional precautions to sanitize restrooms, showers, and SAG vehicles.

  1. Before the tour and each night all restrooms, porta johns and showers will be sanitized.
  2. A hand sanitization station will be provided at all camping and porta john locations.
  3. Staff and volunteers will sanitize SAG vehicles before and after they are used to transport riders in need of assistance.
  4. Volunteers will wear gloves when handling merchandise, clothing is sold new as is and washing is recommended.

We will continue to refine and develop new procedures and guidelines as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. We’d like to thank the League of Michigan Bicyclists for their assistance in confirming these best practice procedures. Please look for emails and additional posts that will keep you informed. Thank you for your patience and continued support as we plan for a great tour!