PR: Celebrate National Trails Day!

For Immediate Release: June 1, 2017

By Bob Wilson, Executive Director

This Saturday, June 3rd marks the American Hiking Society’s National Trails day and no state is further ahead in building trails than Michigan with more than 12,500 miles of state designated trails.  When the legislature passed the Michigan Trailways Act over 20 years ago, and declared trails a “public good” few anticipated that Michigan would have developed such a significant network of trails. Today, Michigan holds the title as the #1 Trail State in the Nation.

Michigan’s significant land and water trails program is a partnership of federal, state and local efforts and supported specifically by our state’s legislature. It is a refreshing reminder that we can all take part in conserving the natural resources and public health.  Building and maintaining trails for public health, greenways and open space, preserving our sense of place of history and culture are all benefits of this multi-faceted effort to build trails. No one “trail-building force” is more important than the role played by volunteer groups actively engaged in building and maintaining trails all over this state!

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance is committed to this mission of protecting and conserving our natural resources through the active support and maintenance of thousands of miles of trails and greenways in communities all over the state.  We represent the voice of all non-motorized users as we advocate for policy in Lansing and in numerous communities around the state. We work with directly with cyclists, hikers, runners, horseback riders, kayakers and walkers and with the community of motorized users to help to grow and maintain trails that enhance our quality of life, reinforce community values and maintain the majestic beauty of this state.

Although there has been significant attention focused on the Iron Belle Trail, and deservedly so, there are five additional trails, called the Great Lake to Lake trails that will also allow users to traverse across our state and gain access to our land and water resources. Aggressive work on these trails continues at the state and local levels to complete a statewide network first envisioned by framers of the Michigan Trailways Act.

Join us in celebrating National Trails day and the significant successes of Michigan’s trail builders! Get out today for a ride, a hike, a walk or a run on a local trail and enjoy the new version of “America’s front porch” as members of the community build trails which in turn then help to build our communities!

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Assistant Director