Proposal One A Big Win for Outdoor Recreation



MICHIGAN – Today, Michiganders made history by overwhelmingly voting YES on Proposal 1 to protect Michigan’s water, wildlife and parks for generations to come. Voters across the political spectrum voted yes on Proposal 1, which commits oil and gas royalties to protection of our land, water sources and parks in perpetuity by lifting the cap on Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.  This victory sends a clear message to lawmakers that voters across the state prioritize the protection of our natural resources and access to outdoor recreation for all Michiganders to enjoy.


Proposal 1 had broad, bipartisan support from the start. It was put on the November ballot unanimously by the Michigan Legislature in 2018 and was supported by all of Michigan’s living governors.


The Vote Yes on Prop 1 campaign was founded by the The Nature Conservency, Michigan Environmental Council, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Heart of the Lakes, mParks and Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance. Notably, it was supported by more than 70 environmental, conservation, business, community and labor organizations who worked together to pass Proposal 1.


“Proposal 1 passed because of strong bipartisan support from conservationists and environmentalists, business and community leaders and our elected officials. This is a victory for Michiganders in every corner of the state – from the U.P. to Detroit,” said Becca Maher, Vote Yes campaign manager. “With the passage of Proposal 1, voters sent a clear message to Lansing – we must prioritize protecting our natural resources and conserving and creating access to our outdoor spaces, now and for future generations.”


“The passage of Proposal 1 marks a historic moment in Michigan’s conservation legacy. With this victory, we have guaranteed that the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund will continue receiving the funds necessary to protect our public lands, clean water sources, wildlife habitats and parks in perpetuity,” said Helen Taylor from The Nature Conservancy. “All Michiganders will benefit from the passage of Proposal 1.”


“Voters have sent a decisive message with the overwhelming support for Prop 1: The protection of our lands and natural areas is core to who we are and must be a priority,” said Conan Smith from Michigan Environmental Council. “Michiganders understand the importance of spending time in nature and this victory guarantees an increase in opportunities for outdoor recreation across the state, something we should all celebrate.”


“The passage of Proposal 1 is a victory for Michigan’s hunters, anglers, sportsmen and sportswomen. Our public lands and outdoor spaces will be protected for decades to come because of the guarantees enshrined in Proposal 1,” said Amy Trotter from Michigan United Conservation Clubs. “We are proud to have supported and worked on this campaign with a broad and bipartisan coalition to protect Michigan’s water, wildlife habitats and parks for generations.”


“Today is a victory for land conservation and public recreation in Michigan. With the passage of Proposal 1, we have guaranteed funding will be available to expand our vast network of trails and make our beautiful outdoors spaces accessible to more Michiganders,” said Andrea LaFontaine from Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance. “Our elected officials should take note, and all Michiganders should celebrate this victory.”


“We are estatic that Proposal 1 passed with overwhelming support from voters. More trails, parks, playgrounds and outdoor spaces can be supported in communities across the state for Michiganders to enjoy without using a dime of taxpayer money,” said Clay Summers from mParks. “The Vote YES coalition was integral to the passage of Proposal 1, and we are proud to have been a part of this incredible coalition.”


“Michiganders demonstrated a clear commitment to protecting and improving Michigan’s public lands and outdoor spaces by passing Proposal 1 with such overwhelming support,” said Jonathan Jarosz from Heart of the Lakes.  “We are thrilled that this constitutional change means communities across the state will get to enjoy even more opportunties to get outside and spend time in nature.”


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About Vote YES for MI Water, Wildlife and Parks

The Vote YES for MI Water, Wildlife and Parks campaign is a broad and diverse coalition formed to encourage Michiganders to vote YES on Proposal 1 this November to protect our drinking water, wildlife habitats and parks for future generations. For more information, visit