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ProtectMI is a movement to celebrate public lands and outdoor recreation by engaging in efforts to protect these diverse places and activities for all of us, now and for years to come.

Our outdoor spaces are a source of joy– these are the places we explore with our families, play with friends, we train, recreate, challenge ourselves and reconnect. The natural beauty of this state and the Great Lakes in and around it are an integral part of our communities. They keep us healthy, moving and economically vibrant.

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ProtectMI Teaser from Rusted Rooster Media on Vimeo.

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Opinion Editorial from Executive Director Andrea LaFontaine, 9/22/20 Times Herald: Support the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund This November

Visit the protectMI website to learn how every county in Michigan has benefitted from outdoor recreation projects and public lands funded by the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Fact Sheet on Proposal 1 10.9

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Public lands and outdoor recreation have always been pillars in the lives of Michiganders, so much that we often take them for granted. We’re building a crew of ambassadors to remind our friends and neighbors of the importance of these places and the opportunities they provide.

Become an Ambassador

Organizations can be a great help in sharing the importance of our public lands. ProtectMI developed a Supporter Toolkit to use in conjunction with raising awareness for protectMI. Customizing content to resonate with local communities can be useful. We encourage organizations to use imagery that your supporters will recognize and connect with. Before queuing up your posts, be sure to follow the guidelines in this kit to mirror the protectMI branding.

Supporter Toolkit

Presentation for Groups/Clubs/Organizations: 2020-07-20 protectMI – Rotary

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About protectMI

ProtectMI is an education campaign organized by Heart of the Lakes, Michigan Environmental Council, mParks, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, and the Nature Conservancy. It is supported by the resources of the sponsoring organizations. Its purpose is to raise public awareness of and appreciation among Michigan residents for all types of public lands and outdoor recreation opportunities in Michigan.

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