Ways to Give


Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance relies on generous contributions from individuals, families, businesses, organizations and proceeds from the Michigander Bicycle Tour. Become a supporter and help us to continue our work to connect Michigan.


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Great trails don’t just happen. They need help! Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance is a 501 c(3) nonprofit membership organization that helps create, advocate and connect trails across Michigan. Please join us by making a contribution.



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One of the easiest and best ways to support trails in Michigan is with an ongoing monthly donation. You can set up a sustaining donation through our donation portal. It’s fast and convenient, and you can change the amount or cancel your gift at any time.


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We offer many ways to partner with us, corporate partnerships, event partnerships, and partner opportunities along the Great Lake to Lake Trails.

Corporate Partner Program
The Corporate Partner Program is an annual commitment that aligns with our vision and highlights the Corporations’ understanding of the importance of non-motorized trails to support an active outdoor lifestyle in Michigan and to their business. Partnering with Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance directly aligns your company with our trail work, activities and events throughout the year. Contact us for more information.

Michigander Bicycle Tour
Named one of the “Top 10 Multi-Day Rides in America” by Bicycling Magazine, The Michigander combines beautiful trails, Great Lakes beaches, lighthouses, rivers, virgin white pines, and a healthy serving of brewpubs. The Michigander Bicycle Tour is also a part of The Pure Michigan FITness Series. This series endorses local, regional and state events consistent with the Governor’s Council mission to promote healthy choices, while offering a physical activity event open to all participants, regardless of skill level or age.

2020 Michigander Sponsorship Opportunities

Great Lake to Lake Trails

We are the organization dedicated to completing 5 cross-state trails, connecting one Great Lake to the next. These trails are known as the Great Lake to Lake Trails. There are plenty of opportunities for your business to gain high visibility throughout the state. Contact us for more information.

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Please consider making a donation in memory or honor of someone who has loved trails and the many ways they bring health, recreation and joy to people and communities. Also consider donations to Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance in lieu of flowers for memorial contributions.


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This is a perfect way to supercharge your gift with a matching donation from your employer. Many workplaces encourage this type of giving and already have programs that make this a very easy option. To get started, just contact your human resources department. Should they have questions, just ask them to get in touch with us.

Matching Gifts may be sent to:
Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, EIN #11-3725153
1213 Center Street, Suite D
PO Box 27187
Lansing, MI 48909

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Some members choose to support the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance by donating gifts of appreciated securities. In addition to providing crucial financial support for our work advocating for and building trails, you can save capital gains tax. It’s a smart way to give. Please call us at 517-485-6022 for more information.

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Each of us wants to leave a gift for future generations. Your bequest to the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance accomplishes a greater good – the assurance that Michigan’s trails will continue to be planned, built and maintained for years to come. It is your personal legacy – to invest in something that will last for generations and make Michigan a more inviting, healthier state.

There are several ways you can make provisions for the future of this important work:

  • Include a gift to the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance in your will.
  • Name the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance as the beneficiary of a trust or other vehicle such as your retirement plan, insurance policy or bank account.

All it takes is a call to your attorney or an addition to your will. And of course you may change or enhance your choice at any time.

Options for your bequest to the Alliance:

  • A specific dollar amount
  • A percentage of your estate’s value
  • Designation of all or part of your life insurance or retirement plan proceeds.

Sample language for your will: 

We urge you to consult your attorney in preparing your will. The following language may be helpful in providing a bequest to the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance:

“I give, devise, bequeath to the nonprofit corporation, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, EIN #11-3725153, and existing under the laws of Michigan, and with current business address of 1213 Center St., PO Box 27187, Lansing, MI 48909,   _______   (specific dollar amount, property, or percentage) to be used for its general purposes for supporting trails in Michigan.”