Our Work

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance (MTGA) is the voice for nonmotorized trails in Michigan. When communities consider whether or not to acquire and develop a trail, many questions and concerns arise, such as how to get started on a trail project, what will be entailed in trail operations and maintenance, and how much will it cost. MTGA is the go to organization to answer these questions and troubleshoot issues as they arise.  Our Trail Toolkit helps to answer some of the commonly asked questions.  We also help to organize local friends of the trail groups and bring diversified stakeholders together through facilitation and workshops.

As trail advocates, we work on federal, state, and local legislation,  establishing policy and planning for trails to ensure Michigan remains the #1 Trail State in the nation. The Pure Michigan Trails Act and the Michigan Complete Streets law are two examples of policies worked on at the state level.

Trails are good for tourism and as such, we promote trails and trail events with the tourism industry and the general public. We publish the Michigan Multi-Use Trail Directory every other year with the assistance of the Michigan Department of Transportation.  We participate in strategic planning and other initiatives with the Michigan Tourism Council, and provide information to countless media on trail trips and developments.

Educating trail planners and designers is also an important part of our work.  We regularly present on trail topics at a variety of conferences and workshops around the state and nation.

Contact us to learn how we can assist or consult on trail projects, trail workshops and/or trail conferences.