Common Trail Questions

E-bike Regulations in Michigan: An electric bicycle (or e-bike) is a bicycle that has a small rechargeable electric motor that can give a boost to the pedaling rider and on some models can take over completely. Whether you can ride an electric bicycle on a trail depends on several factors – the e-bike’s class, the type of trail, and whether the authority that manages or oversees the trail allows the use. To qualify as an electric bike in Michigan, it must meet the following requirements:

  • It must have a seat or saddle for the rider to sit on.
  • There must be fully operational pedals.
  • It must have an electric motor of no more than 750 watts, or 1 horsepower.

E-bike Legislation: Laws HB 4781, 4782, and 4783 authorize the use of electric bicycles in Michigan.

Local Five-Foot Passing Ordinances: Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Twp, Muskegon, Norton Shores, Oshtemo Twp, and Portage have all adopted five-foot passing ordinances.

Michigan Trailways and Recreational Trespass Acts: Guide for responsible trail use and important protections for those managing/operating trails. Provides key tools for local trail managers to expand trails and parks and maintenance of those assets.

NIMBY – Not In My Backyard Syndrome often comes up in trail development, and it is the job of trail advocates and builders to promote the benefits of trails and greenways. This article is on “How the Great Allegheny Passage Transformed a Region”.

Rail-Trails & Utilities: How to Share Your Corridor with Other Uses: Although it is obvious that rail-trails are great recreation areas, what you might not know is that almost 40 percent of all rails-trails do double-duty as corridors for utility lines, pipes, and cables.

Trail Liability Concerns and Michigan Statutory Law: Trail owners and operators and those considering trail development are frequently faced with issues of concern over liability exposure from trail users that use the trails and from adjacent landowners who may fear being put at risk from similar exposure.

Trail Events 101: This document was created by Michigan Trails for an event seminar hosted by West Michigan Trails. It is a master list of how to create an event and covers the following topics;  Who, What, Where, Why & When, Planning an Event Agenda, Planning Steps, Transportation, Venue, Safety Plan, Budget, Signage & Trail Marking, Refreshments & Restrooms, Sponsors, Entertainment, Marketing & Promotion, Staffing & Volunteers, Pricing the Event, Registration and Post Event Follow Up.