Download the Michigan Multi Use Trails Directory &  Map

Michigan is the #1 Trail State in the nation.  At 2,623 miles, we currently have more miles of rail-trail than any other state.  We also offer thousands of miles of other linear multi-use pathways, for hiking and biking at the very least.

However, Michigan’s network of nonmotorized trails do not end there. Our state has hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails in every corner of the state.  In fact, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula plays host to two IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) “epic ride centers”.  For more information on mountain bike trails, visit

Hiking trails are also prevalent.  In fact, Michigan boasts 1,150 miles of the federally designated North Country National Scenic Trail, more than any  other state.  Visit for more information on this spectacular trail.

Water trails are also beginning to take shape with the wealth of water we have around and across the entire state.  The Michigan Water Trails website details the 3,000 miles of places to paddle through the Great Lakes State.

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance brings together partners in building nonmotorized trails of all types in the Nonmotorized Advisory Workgroup, a subcommittee of the Michigan Trails Advisory Council.  We are also a Governor-appointed representative on the Council, bringing the nonmotorized trails viewpoint to the issues that arise.  For more information on the Michigan Trails Advisory Council and its advisory workgroups, click here.