Michigan Multi-Use Trails Directory & Map Notes

All notes correspond to trails marked with an asterik (*) preceeding the trail name under the column Name of Trail on the Michigan Multi-Use Trails Directory &Map. This map is published biennially. The current map was created in the fall of 2016.

The numbers below indicate the Trail ID number with additional information about the trail such as the trail is not open, the trail only permits horses on the parallel trail, there is a connector path under the highway, etc.

Download the Michigan Multi-Use Trails Directory &Map.

Upper Peninsula Trail Notes:

16           Iron Ore Heritage Trail 
Asphalt from Welcome Center Rd. to County Road 492 (Marquette Township) and from Negaunee to Ishpeming;  Crushed granite from County Rd. 492 to Negaunee; from Ishpeming to Tilden Township, and from Republic Township to downtown Republic.  The rest is unimproved with original ballast rock.

23           Soo/Strong Trail
Trail is interrupted with a few gaps in public ownership.

25           Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island is a car-free Island, to access the Island, take one of the three ferry lines over.  Transportation is by horse, horse-drawn carriage, horse-drawn dray, bicycle, cross country skiis, snowshoes and foot traffic. Amigo scooters and eBikes are permitted, though all eBikes must be registered with the Mackinac Island Police Department on Market Street. The Island has approximately 33 miles of multi-use paved trails, with an additional 40 of unimproved for hiking or horseback riding. Snowmobiles are permitted on the west side of the Island and on M-185 from November 15-April 15 each winter.  The speed limit for snowmobiles tops out at 25MPH and for bicycles, 20MPH.

Roller-blading is permitted on M-185 from Mission Point to Windermere Point. No rollerblades are permitted downtown. Segways are illegal on the Island.

Lower Peninsula Trail Notes:

3              North Central State Trail
Snowmobiles are limited to 35 mph from Grand View Beach Rd to US-27. No snowmobiles from 12 midnight to 8 a.m. No restrictions on horses. Paved in Mackinaw City.

11c         Tart Trail
Includes 2 mile on road section at Bunker Hill Rd.

12           Betsie Valley Trail
Paved from the Frankfort Lake Michigan Beach, through Frankfort to Elberta, and to Mollineaux Rd. one block from Crystal Lake, a total of 7 miles. It is then completed with limestone to Thompsonville, another 15 miles. Snowmobiles permitted on Beulah-Thompsonville section December 1st – March 1st.

13           Grayling Community Pathway
This trail utilizes bike lanes in some areas.

14           Fred Meijer White Pint Trail State Park
The trail is paved in sections, Comstock Park to Sand Lake (21.7 miles). Howard City (1 mile). Big Rapids to Reed City (13 miles) Leroy to Cadillac ( 16.3 miles). Snowmobiles are permitted from Russell Rd. north of Rockford to Cadillac.

15           Tawas Bay Pedestrian & Bicycle Path
The last 2.5 miles on north end is an 8 ft. shoulder on US 23 from Tawas Beach Rd to Tawas Point State Park.

17           Pere Marquette Rail Trail Network
Equestrian trail is 5 miles long and begins at N Bradley (M-18) and ends at Coleman.

21           Bay County Riverwalk Trail System
Includes a 9.5 mile loop in the city.

30           Muskegon Lakeshore Trail
Small sections of the trail follow designated on-road bike lanes but easily link back to the trail. The trail also links to longer regional trails for extended travel opportunities.

31           Musketawa Trail
Wide shoulder equestrian trail on one side of the trail.

42           Paul Henry Thornapple Trail Network
Paul Henry Trail is developed in these sections: Asphalt (10.8 miles) in Kentwood and Caledonia; Asphalt (4.6 miles) in Middleville from Crane Rd. to McCann; Asphalt (1.75 miles) in Vermontville from Main St. to Maple Valley High School; The rest is unimproved.

46           Fred Meijer Flat River Valley Rail Trail   
The trail is state-owned but not open for public use as of 10/01/2016, except for a 2.8 mile paved segment within the City of Belding

47           Fred Meijer Flat River Trail
The trail is state-owned but not open for public use as of 10/01/2016, except for a 2.8 mile paved segment within the City of Belding

52           Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiwaassee Trail
The trail is paved in town, otherwise it is crushed limestone. This trail will be part of the Midwest Regional Rail-Trail Network, joining on the western end with the Fred Meijer Grand River Valley Trail (Ionia to Lowell), the Fred Meijer Flat River Valley Trail (Lowell to Greenville), and the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail (Greenville to Edmore to Alma) for a total of 125 miles of trails.

54           Lansing River Trail
The Lansing River Trail network runs from Dietrich Park to Harrison Rd. at the MSU campus, Hazel St. to Moores Park and from Potter Park to Maguire Park.

60           Flint River Trail/Genessee Valley Trail Network
Some portions of the trail include on street connections (at James P. Cole Blvd. and Garfield St., and at E. Boulevard Dr.).

61           George Atkin Jr., Recreation Trail Network
This is a network trail with these endpoints:  Linden Rd., Neff Rd., Wilson Rd., Willard Rd.

63           Polly Ann Trail
The trail is paved for half mile in Imlay City,, then in two section in downtown Oxford and Leonard. The balance of the trail is crushed limestone. Horses are not permitted on paved portions.

64           Wadhams to Avoca Trail
The northern half of the 12.5 mile trail is surfaced with crushed limestone, and the south half of the trail is paved with asphalt.

66           Bridge to Bay Trail
The Bridge to Bay Trail is being built by many communities and includes some on road wide shoulder sections along M-29. The longest continuous section of trail is 10 miles long and runs from the City of St. Clair through Marine City.

69           Paint Creek Trail              
Horses are permitted north of Dutton Rd.

75           Kensington Metropark Trail       
There is a connector trail between Kensington Hike-Bike Trail and the Island Lake Trail under I-96.

77           Lakelands Trail 
Asphalt trail (8 miles) in Hamburg and Putnam Townships, Crushed limestone (12 miles) from M-36 to Stockbridge. A parallel equestrian path exists from Putnam Township to Green Oak Township.

78           Border to Border Trail Network
The trail has two major paved off-road segments: 5 miles from Hudson Mills Metro Park to Dexter-Huron Metropark (with a short designated on-road route through Village of Dexter) and 10.5 miles from  Ann Arbor (starting at Bandemer Park) to Ypsilanti (ending at Cornell Rd.)

82           I-275/M-5 Metro Trail Network
Temporary sidepath from 12 to 13 Mile Rd.

83           Clinton River Trail
Connected to Macomb Orchard Trail and Paint Creek Trail. A 3.5 mile sidewalk-based temporary route through Pontiac bypasses the only incomplete section.

86           Conner Creek Greenway
This trail is a combination of  bike lanes, shared use path, and sharrows from Maheras Gentry Park to 8 Mile Rd.

91           River Raisin Heritage Trail
Trail narrows to 6 ft. between Detroit Ave and Munson Park.

102         Kal-Haven Trail
Horses are permitted from 67th St. to 1 mile east of Grand Junction on an adjacent bridle path.